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Crafted Lines Shoes. Crafted Lines Sole

Crafted Lines Dress Shoe

Price: $140

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UPPER:  Dark Brown Sheep Leather
INNER: Goat Lining
SOLE:  Leather with Hometown Stamp

One of our finish man comes from a nearby village and on his way through he gets to pass three canals flowing in parallel. He use to tell how good it feels to stay at the brink of one of them and feel the calmness in the surrounding. The design of this shoe is an inspiration from that feeling of calmness, being at peace and at the same time looking powerful in outset.

The lines crafted at the top spread the exact those feelings. They give a calm, relax image of yours and buckle at the top gives you a commanding look. The stitching between the sole and upper leather clearly tells that this is personal and is completely hand made.
It is also one of the most comfy shoe according to our customers and is used for both formal and business casual wears.

Crafted Lines is eligible for our re-crafting service.